Wine and Golf

Earlier this summer I was asked to do a piece for Golf Business Canada Magazine on wine lists in Food & Beverage programs at golf courses in Ontario. Currently dealing with several golf courses and having tried to deal with many more in the past, the topic is something that I've felt pretty strongly about for a while now, so I was glad to oblige and put my thoughts together for an article.

Teeing off at Piper's Heath in Oakville, Ontario

Full disclosure: a friend of mine is a director at the Canadian Golf Course Owner's Association and he had heard about the wonderful success that courses like Camelot Golf have had with their wine programs and was wondering why many other courses don't don't focus as much on their wine lists. He approached me for my thoughts and that discussion eventually evolved into this article. It was published in the Fall issue of Golf Business Canada Magazine and was also picked up online by Golf News Now a leading blog about golf in Canada. Click here for the .pdf article.

What do you think of the article? Feel free to leave your comments!