Lifford Fete du Pinot Noir

Lifford's triennial Fete du Pinot Noir is modeled after the Pinot Noir festival that happens in New Zealand every three years. We put an educational focus on our event for the trade by putting sommeliers in group seminars with a panel of top Pinot Noir producers around the world where they discuss a topic and take questions from the audience. This year's topics were terroir, rootstalks and cool climates. At the risk of sounding like an extreme wine geek--It definitely gets emphatic when a lineup of principals from Joseph Phelps, Staete Landt, Louis Jadot, Bachelder Wine and Frescobaldi get debating their own takes on natural ferments or clonal selection!

After the morning seminars we all have lunch together and move into a room for a walk around tasting with all the suppliers wines. Here are a few highlights from this years event. All pictures were taken by Lifford's Andrew Sainsbury, the man who writes our tasting notes, helps produce the Wines of the Week and makes our website run at Lifford!