72 Hours in Portland, Oregon

Like Loretta Lynn in 2004, last week I too lost my heart in Oregon. Top to bottom one of my favourite cities anywhere, we didn't want to leave at the end. And frankly, if it wasn't located in America with the risk of bankruptcy from healthcare, I'd consider moving there. While there we heard several times about the growing idea of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia seceding and becoming their own nation, Cascadia. It would include socialized healthcare and chief exports would be craft beer, wine, and bad people. I'd live there for sure.

We loved everything about this town. The architecture/city planning, the culture, the dining, the coffee, the wine...all high end and very unpretentious. For Ottawa folks, it's pretty similar to our city, but less government and more as if Centretown, Chinatown, Hintonburg, Westboro and Aylmer became a city with tulips instead of roses and Gatineau Hills or Tremblant instead of Mt Hood.

We tried to fit in as many coffees, beers, cocktails, lunches, dinners and brunches as possible to get a feel for the scene. Here are some highlights: